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Being a vegan is much more than eating dairy-and-meat-free products – it is a totally different lifestyle committed to not using animal products at all. Dedicated vegans don’t wear materials like suede or leather or use any products that have been tested on animals or harmed animals in any way.

The truth is, it is not easy to find products you love that can fit a vegan lifestyle.

The good thing is that there are more and more stores dedicated to this eco-and-animal-friendly lifestyle so you can meet all needs with ease. If you are looking for vegan online business ideas, we have a few that can inspire you to start your own business and make money.

Vegan Consultant

Many people want to go vegan, however, it is not difficult to transition properly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and create a diet that includes the right vitamins. If you have successfully transitioned, this is a potential business idea for you.

Before you start advertising your services, think about your business name and build a website. It is important to have a powerful and meaningful name that will attract attention. On your website, add all the necessary information so that visitors can discover more about your  business and the services you offer.

One example is BeVegan Plan-Based Consulting, a business company that offers holistic coaching to clients combining emotional, physical, and spiritual systems together. They help clients find a balance in their lives and a healthy lifestyle. The company also offers BeVegan Boot Camp, with a specific program around a non-processed and plant-based diet.

Vegan Home Cook

If you love vegan cooking, this is one of the best vegan online business ideas to try. If you experiment with different ingredients, why not get paid to prepare meals for others?

One great example is Green Chef. They offer a variety of healthy and delicious meals, with an option to feed a family of four or two people. With a few different subscription plans, clients can select their days for delivery and receive home-prepared foot right to their doors.

They offer anything from Vegetarian, Keto, Omnivore, Paleo, and Gluten-free to make sure they cater to everyone for healthy food.

You can build a website, come up with different subscription plans and allow your clients to choose the plan they prefer. It is a creative and prosperous business idea.

Online Vegan Cooking Tutorials

Why not cook vegan food and offer online tutorials teaching others how to prepare that food? If you are looking for online business ideas for vegans, this one is surely an attractive one. You can design your own recipes, have an audience that likes your recipes and convert that audience into paying customers.

Forks Over Knives is a great example of online vegan cooking tutorials. They offer cooking courses that feature oil-free and plant-based meals that their clients can make from the comfort of their home. Their partners, Rouxbe are the world’s leading online cooking school.

Besides their online cooking courses, Forks Over Knives have cookbooks, recipes and tools to assist the clients through their journeys, and a mobile recipe app.


Organize/Host Vegan Events

The number of vegans continues to grow. If you are passionate about veganism and event organizing or planning, this could be the best vegan business for you.

Before you start researching vendors, you can gain insights from Everlasting Vegan Events, a full-service van event planning business that focuses on making its clients happy and their vision a reality. Everlasting Vegan Events keep their client’s beauty, fashion, food, and decor choices vegan-friendly when organizing events. They go one step further by reducing the amount of energy wasted during their special events to make sure the event won’t affect our planet.

If you think this is something you can do, Everlasting Vegan Events is really an inspiration to motivate you and give you some ideas. Gather a great team, build a website, and start offering your services to people from all over the country. It is a creative, fun, and profitable business idea.

Website Connecting Vegan Customers and Businesses

As the demand for vegan products grows, so it will the amount of service and product-based businesses that cater to these customers. If you are a passionate vegan and want to help businesses reach customers, this is the perfect vegan business for you.

The Protein Cluster is an excellent example of a platform that connects vegan customers and businesses. You can learn a lot and gain some strategies by checking out their website. It is a global platform that connects food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, caterers, retailers, and others looking for plant-based vegan solutions. They also offer an inventive space that allows businesses to share information and collaborate to create new plant-protein and vegetarian innovations.

Vegan-Safe Clothing

If you are into fashion and love designing clothing without animal products, this vegan-friendly fashion business is the right business idea for you. Before you start researching materials and fabrics, make sure to check The Vegan Clothing Co, a vegan business you can gain some helpful insights from.

The Vegan Clothing Co aims to make vegan-branded clothing accessible to the vegan community. They produce T-shirts to make sure their clients feel stylish and comfortable in their clothing. They recently partnered with The Bespoke Artichoke, where clients can also find and purchase their products.

Starting a vegan-safe clothing business is a great idea if you want to get back to the community and help them find trendy pieces of clothing that are comfortable to wear. You can design t-shirts, pants, jackets, etc. There are a lot of options to explore.

We hope these vegan business ideas inspired you to start your own business! What is the problem you can solve? What desires does your customer want to fulfill? Start from these and turn your ideas into reality!

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