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No matter which way you turn, what food blog you stumble upon, what restaurant magazine you are reading, the word vegan shows up than ever before. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Veganism is on the rise and there are vegan trend statistics to prove it.

The Year of The Vegan

For the past half-century, veganism hasn’t been famous at all. In fact, it has been a minority within a minority. A few years ago in the US, according to one survey, around 3% of the population were vegetarian and 0.4% were vegan. Today, in 2019 things have drastically changed.

Interest in a way of life in which people abandon leather and meat and other animal products like wool, egg, silk, etc. is soaring, especially among the young people or millennials as they call themselves. Today, a quarter of 24-34 year-olds say they are vegetarians or vegans.

The business of providing vegan foods and meals is also booming. One of the most impressive trends we’ve seen so far is that McDonald’s has started selling McVegan burgers. In fact, sales of vegan foods in the US in 2018 has grown ten times faster than food sales as a whole. Popular food companies and brands are clambering onto the vegan bandwagon, creating vegan lines of their own.

For instance, Tyson Foods has a 5% stake in Beyond Meat which sells meat-free patties to the well-known restaurant chain – TGI Friday’s. Apparently, Big Meat is going vegan as well.

The school district of LA (the second-largest school district in the country) will start serving vegan meals in all schools during the 2019 academic year. In one of their annual meetings, the American Medical Association called on hospitals to offer more such healthy meals, however, national governments haven’t been so supportive of veganism. It doesn’t mean that things couldn’t change in 2019. The European Commission started processing what counts as vegetarian food, providing standards and measures of legal certainty.

According to the vegan food trend statistics, vegan brands are making meat substitutes that taste and look like meat. When a vegan steak produced by a Dutch firm arrived on supermarket shelves this summer, 40.000 steaks were sold within a week. It is pretty impressive, right? And if plant-based steaks and other meats take off, they could become the next big thing, a transformative technology, improving protein-heavy diets, cutting the cost of food, and reducing animal testing and husbandry.

The Facts You Should Know

A 600% increase in veganism in America in only 3 years is an impressive statistic. It is obvious that more and more people are moving toward meat-free and the plant-based lifestyle.

What once started as a fringe movement, today is echoing around the globe. Search data from Google Trends shows a worldwide increase in the interest in veganism from 2004-2018 and top regions include Canada, Australia, Austria, and New Zealand. Vegan trend statistics UK show that today about 3.5 million people identify as vegan. India takes the first spot with 27% of the population. It will definitely be interesting to see how these percentages change if embracing veganism continues to grow.

Why do people turn vegan?

It is not because they were born into the lifestyle. Most of them probably made a conscious choice to swear off dairy and meat products One study reveals that there are a variety of reasons for eating less meat, for example, concerns over antibiotics, health, weight management, animal welfare, environment, and taste.

Health and weight management are the top reasons why people are turning into vegans. Food allergies have been on the rise, and top foods that cause allergies come from eggs, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and fish. A lot of people also suffer from food-related illnesses such as lactose intolerance and celiac disease which have a direct impact on food restrictions and diet choices.

It is too early to say whether a vegan diet can improve health. There are a number of different diets and each and every one has been praised and discredited. But since veganism has picked up in popularity, it is beneficial to revisit the research and results in the coming years, with a larger sample size so we can all get a better comparison between meat and meat-free diets to better weigh the pros and cons.

Vegan Trend Statistics 2019

Speaking about why veganism is growing, the Head of Campaigns at Veganuary, Rich Hardy, said that it is pretty simple why – because it is visible. Vegan is now a word we use, hear or see everywhere, at home, in restaurants, shops, in magazines, and in people’s conversations on the streets.

According to vegan trend statistics 2019, there is substance to its rise. Any venture has to reach mass to move on and succeed. Veganism has reached to that point and is now on its way to the mainstream.

As celebrities, documentaries, and social campaigns spread awareness about the benefits of being vegan, the statistics will continue to reflect the increasing interest in veganism. With the growing demand for meat-free and plant-based options, now is the perfect time to switch to a healthy and compassionate vegan lifestyle.


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