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The clothing industry has always been an area for vegan enthusiasts and activists to target in order to stop animal testing and fight animal welfare rights. Many vegan activists are campaigning to remove animal products from the fashion industry and as veganism popularity grows, many fashion brands are making the transition to vegan clothing.

There are plenty of brands out there that offer cruelty-free and animal-friendly clothing. As fashion designers see the endless and beautiful possibilities in an ethical lifestyle, the vegan revolution will continue to grow.

If this is something you really care about, here are some of the best vegan companies and brands that offer stylish and comfortable vegan clothing.

1.Alternative Apparel

The vegan fashion brand is going after the place of a very well known clothing brand sharing the same initials, however, it is hard to say that they are the clear winners of this fight.

Offering trendy pieces of clothes and focusing on the basics with an ethical mindset and strong attention to detail, Alternative Appeal is a prominent participant in the Vegan Fashion Revolution movement.

2. Thought Clothing

With everything from accessories to shoes, Thought Clothing is a vegan brand that you don’t want to miss. They use natural fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton and not only do they care for the environment but also spare a thought for your finances.

Financially conscious and cruelty-free, you would be crazy to miss out their products.

3. Everlane

If you are looking for the best vegan clothing companies, Everlance is the place to be.

We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to find a vegan brand that caters for both women and men. Not with Everlane.

In terms of variety, Everlance has it all, from sweaters, denim, shoes, accessories, and outerwear, proving once again that this is an incredible brand for all conscious people.

4. Lovejoi

Lovejoi is an organic brand that offers trendy clothes at affordable prices and prioritizes the importance of wellbeing when producing the pieces.

Offering some great day-to-day combinations that should be in everyone’s closet, Lovejoi is proof that simplicity is always in vogue.

5. Ararose

This eco-conscious clothing brand seems to attract fashionistas with its high-quality fabrics and elegant designs. All of their products are made from recycled vintage clothing.

Ararose, known as one of the best vegan companies for clothing, is committed to celebrating and empowering women, while ensuring sustainability at the core of everything they do, from production to purchase.

6. PIC Style

You should always support independent fashion brands as they are at the top of their game in the clothing industry.

Designing from a little studio in London, this brand’s passion is to create contemporary clothing using locally sourced and organic materials. Everything is handmade. If you appreciate this, go to their website and purchase some of their amazing designs.

7. Vegan Outfitters

If you are a fan of slogan tees, this is the perfect brand for you. Vegan Outfitters has a vast array of unique and standout phrases that will truly impress you. If you are a proud vegan with a voice, this brand is a must-have.

8. HeartCure Clothing

Another brand that is changing the fashion industry for good. HeartCure is a brand that uses sustainable materials and all of their designs are absolutely incredible. They aim to be so much more than a clothing brand so they have created a community around them.

Known as one of the most successful vegan companies for clothing and apparel, HeartCure Clothing sells both women and men’s clothing. The brand specialized in comfy and stretchy clothing and is perfect for those who love to live a life in the slow lane. With their clothes you can look adorable and their prices are simply unbeatable.

9. Unicorn Goods

One of the most challenging aspects of embracing vegan clothing is finding trendy purses. Now that you know Unicorn Goods, you will have no such problem. If you love a good handbag, you will fall in love with the bags this brand has to offer.

They got fanny packs, bucket bags, and much more to add to your bag collection. These bags are 100% vegan, made from soft and faux leather.

10. Unreal Fur

Want to wear fur but don’t want to wear a real one cause you are all about animal rights. Yes, we got you! Unreal Fur is the perfect brand for you.

They have all kinds of fur, from long and thick to short and satiny, matted, fuzzy, and much more. If you want to feel warm and cozy this winter, start with this brand.

Vegan clothes are not just about not wearing real fur, even though this may be the most obvious reason. It is also about not using silk, leather, wool or animal feathers as well.

The idea is to wear or purchase nothing that was made by using materials from animals. Ethical clothing means not using anything made from wool such as merino, cashmere, pashmina, shahtoosh, camel hair, etc. It also means not using silk cause silk is produced by killing silkworms. Vegan clothing also means not using any leather. Your belts, shoes, wallets, coats, luggage or furniture should be carefully selected to see that they are not animal hide.

With this list of affordable vegan fashion brands, you can finally stop your search for trendy vegan style. From comfy to more elegant, you can rest easy knowing you can wear whatever you like whatever the weather. You don’t have to sacrifice your morals just to look good and these companies and brands all share the same ethics.

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