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You’ve done your research and decided what you want to offer to your vegan friends. All you need to generate right now is sales. This sounds pretty simple, but with veganism’s popularity, countless new products and services are brought to market.

Need help with marketing vegan products? These seven steps will help you successfully bring your new products to market.

Step 1: Study Your Competition
Many business marketing classes will teach you how to perform a SWOT analysis. Start by taking a serious look at the competition. You can make a list of the businesses that offer vegan products similar to the one you plan to promote for the first time.

Even if you think your new vegan product is unique and without competition, it is important to put yourself in your potential buyers’ shoes and imagine what they might purchase instead of what you have to offer.

It is important to also review your competitors’ marketing materials, their ads, websites, and brochures. Evaluate how your new vegan product will stand up against what is already out there on the market and which brands pose the greatest threats to your company’s success.

Step 2:  Target The Right Customers
You can’t market vegan products without targeting the right vegan customers (you need to be as specific as possible). To successfully launch your new vegan product, it is important to focus on the prospects you believe are most likely to buy from you. These may be vegans who are currently buying something similar and will appreciate the extra features your product offers.

Your best customers have a need for what you sell and can afford to purchase your product. Keep in mind that is easier to fill a need than to create one.

Step 3: Create a Unique Value Proposition
At this point, you should have a clear understanding of what you must offer your customers in order to stand out from the crowd and who will want to have of what you offer.

Do you know why customers will want to purchase from you? What features or benefits will you provide that your prospective customers will appreciate most? Your product should be unique and meet the needs, as well as, the desires of your vegan customers.


Step 4: Define Your Marketing Tactics
Next step is choosing your marketing channels. Marketing vegan products online is simple and cost-effective. Will you market via your own website, social media or through vegan influencers? Generally, multichannel marketers achieve greater results as customers who can purchase however and when they like, tend to spend more.

You may combine traditional marketing channels such as direct-response TV spots, flyers and online ads that link to your website. Consult with experienced and professional marketers to find the best ways to market vegan products in 2019.

Step 5: Test Your Marketing Approach
With all the money it takes to bring a new vegan product to the market, it is not a good idea to rush into the launch phase before testing. Depending on the product you plan to market, a new animal-free cosmetic line or something eco-friendly, you can use focus groups, host discussions with members of your target audience, use online research or distribute your new product to a random group of users for testing.

After testing is complete, you can proceed to the creation of your marketing materials.

Step 6: Roll Out Your Marketing Campaign
Public relations usually plays a huge role in the launch of a new product for vegans. Today, it is all about who recommends your vegan products. You can ask popular vegan influencers to help you with marketing your new product. Send your favorite influencer a free sample and ask him or her to write a good review on Facebook or Instagram.

No matter what publicity route you choose, you need to make sure your product or service is ready and available for purchase online. That’s way, you can maximize returns.

Monitor the results from all media, both modern and traditional and in the first weeks, be prepared to adjust your marketing campaign to take advantage of what is working best for your vegan-friendly brand.

If, for example, you think using vegan influencers is best for promoting your new products, focus on that.

Step 7: Know Your Product’s Lifecycle
The strategies you use during the introduction phase, as well as, the education phase of your new product launch will need to be updated as your product and business growth. If you follow your marketing results carefully, you will see returns that will indicate when it is time to update or revise your product, alter the media message, phase out this offering, and prepare the groundwork for the launch of your next big idea.

You need to know your product’s life cycle and when it is time to make changes. You can’t expect your customers to be satisfied with the exact same product for the next 10 years. Trends change every day and if you want to build a name for yourself in the vegan business market, you need to be able to follow the trends and make all the necessary changes.

Always think outside the vegan box. Simply because you are vegan and your business concept is vegan, that doesn’t mean that your audience is only vegan. Do you want non-vegans purchasing your products? Are you willing to serve them? Can you justify incorporating them into your group that you might positively influence them?

There can be a gentle prejudice with any target audience and veganism has a tendency to become extremism, however, it needn’t handcuff you to one single perspective. Wellness and health is one of the fastest-growing industries and if someone is conscious of what they consume, they may be your perfect customer.

So drop your guard and reach further into the world of potential customers when marketing your vegan products – your potential customers are more numerous than you think.

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