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There are many different types of marketing that you can use to improve the sales on your Shopify-powered website. Yet, according to many experts, marketing on Shopify is most effective when you are using content marketing. This means that one of the pillars of SEO can do incredible things for your website.

Why do you need content marketing for your Shopify-based site?

The fact is that an informative article, blog post or similar type of text can become an evergreen source of web traffic. If the content you’ve shared on your website is useful, helpful, unique and engaging then you can keep getting web traffic for many years and this traffic can be turned into sales. Just think about it. Every term you’ve searched on Google provides access to hundreds of results, but in the top ten results, you will usually find at least 50% pages that were published over one year ago.

If you are sharing great content, you are triggering many things. For instance, if the audience finds the content attractive, they will be glad to comment on it and share it on social media. All these things make this form of marketing great for any Shopify venture. Now that you know how useful it can be, it’s time to share some tips about content marketing on an online store powered by Shopify.

Spend some time on finding the right headline

This makes sense because the title is the first thing that potential readers/visitors will notice. Whenever they are looking for something on popular search engines they will get hundreds of results and the title might make your page stand out from the crowd. Remember that when we say attractive headline, we don’t mean click baiting headline which will mislead visitors. This is something that Google doesn’t approve and you can make more harm than good for your eCommerce website in this way.

Rely on less used words and phrases

Surely, the reader/visitor must understand your business message, but this doesn’t mean that the entire article or blog post should look like it was written for a 3rd grader. On the contrary, you should feel free to include less used words and phrases. It appears that words like impressive, breathtaking, life-saving, energy boosting and other similar words are able to trigger reactions in readers. But, once again, you should be careful because extensive use of such words can make the content look spammy.

Get info

It is a wise idea to visit websites where you can find more information about modern content. There are sites like Copy Blogger for example which provide free advice on content marketing. Contrary to popular belief, this type of marketing is evolving too. The language we’ve used in the field of marketing two decades ago is ineffective today. You have to follow the latest trends and implement them in your content marketing strategy if you want to witness success on your Shopify site.

Try to make the content viral

Is there a way to determine whether the content you’ve generated has the potential to go viral? The basic rule is to create content that has unique and useful information. If you do something like this, the content will start spreading even if it’s not sponsored. So, the main goal here is to deliver content that your target audience will find worth sharing. Keep in mind that for Shopify-based stored this is not an easy task because you are trying to promote products and services. Yet, with the right approach, you should be able to deliver attractive content. Think outside the box and share content that is not strictly related to your offer.

Follow social media trends

While it’s true that search engines are one of the best ways to market your website, it’s also true that marketing your business on social media networks can be very helpful. If you are using a platform like Twitter, for example, you will notice that there are suggested trending topics and hashtags. There are hashtags and trends on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms too. For instance, if #WinterIsComin is trending on a platform, try to figure out how to create content that can be related to this hashtag.

Don’t focus only on short pieces of content

500-word long blog posts and articles are the most common type of articles and blog posts today and it seems that search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo love them. But, this doesn’t mean that if you create a guide of 2.000 words you are wasting time, money and energy. The truth is that you can expect success with longer pieces of content too. The main point here is to use keywords naturally, to provide detailed and meaningful guides that can help the readers and to include new info. By staying longer on your website, your visitors will help you rank your website higher.

Don’t forget to use visual content

Letters and words matter, but you should not forget that images and videos play important roles too. Modern Internet users have fast internet connections which mean it’s easy for them to launch and watch a video or load an image. This is especially important when you are sharing longer pieces of content as part of your content marketing strategy. Use high-quality photos and short videos to grab the attention of visitors.

Create a calendar

If you are running a Shopify eCommerce website and you want to use content marketing as a means to promote your site, you should definitely create a calendar where you will schedule content that you want to share. This calendar doesn’t have to include all the details, but you should find topics, short-term objectives and other things that support your campaign.

If you don’t have the time or you simply don’t like writing, you can always hire a freelance writer or an agency that can help you create fresh content. You can just pick the topics and the rest is on these guys.



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