The vegan industry is growing! Whether you are looking for a delicious and healthy chocolate snack to eat after lunch or you just want to try a different taste, the vegan chocolate brands got you covered.

Vegan chocolates have a high percentage of cacao, from 50-90% and don’t contain ingredients that are derived from dairy products like whey, casein, etc.

Here is a list of the best vegan companies known for offering healthy chocolate snacks that you must check out. Some are kosher, gluten-free and certified organic.

Endangered Species

Endangered Species is a very popular vegan brand with vegan selections that are certified vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. The mark keeps bringing the word Vegan into the mainstream.

Some of their best products are natural dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt, natural dark chocolate with forest ming, natural dark chocolate with blueberries, natural dark chocolate with cherries, natural dark chocolate with lemon poppy seed, and chocolate bites (almonds & peanuts, sea salt & almond, and 88% cacao).

Alter Eco

Alter Eco’s Swiss-made chocolate isn’t just unbelievable smooth – it is crafted from organic cacao replanted in South American rainforests.

You can shop all of their products online and some of the best ones we recommend you to try are deep salted brown butter, dark salted coconut toffee, sea salt truffles, salted caramel truffles, and original coconut clusters.


All Cholove products are Rainforest Alliance Certified which puts this company at the best vegan food companies for chocolate snacks on this list. Chocolove makes delicious premium chocolate bars. They buy premium Belgian chocolate and their factory is located in Boulder, Colorado (the factory follows the European traditions of making premium chocolate in the mountains). Dry and cool air are just some of the secret ingredients they use to make the best chocolate in the world.

There are more than 20 flavors to try, ranging from Extreme dark 88% to decadent milk chocolate with almonds and toffee.

The salted almond bar and peppermint in dark chocolate are sure to please.

Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom

Known for producing nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free chocolates, Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom is one of the top vegan companies among healthy eaters.

You can find chocolate for every occasion, from snack pack to chocolate bars.


You can now make any day a little sweeter with the best treats Hershey’s has to offer. The Hershey’s chocolate syrup and Hershey’s cocoa are a must-try!


Goodio believes the food industry should be fair, transparent, and sustainable, and we believe in that as well.

They partnered with Ubuntu Foundation and together they’ve launched Cafe Ubuntu chocolate which helps fund programs for special needs children and women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

Their chocolate is made of organic, premium quality, and wild ingredients. There is no white sugar and the low production temperatures ensure a delicious and rich taste that honors the cacao’s origins.

Some of their best products are 50% cacao chai, 51% cacao coconut, 65% cacao mint, 61% cacao wild blueberry, and 71 cacao arriba.


If you are looking for 70% house ground dark, paleo, organic cacao, vegan, and dairy-free chocolate, Hu is the place to be.

Hu is a Certified Gluten-free brand and their products contain no GMOs, no soy lecithin, no dairy, no gluten, no cane sugar, no refined sugar, and no sugar alcohols.

You have to try crunchy mint, crunchy banana, cashew butter vanilla bean, hazelnut butter, cashews vanilla bean hunks, and orange dream vanilla cashew butter chocolate.


Taza is known for making stone-ground chocolate. They stone grid organic cacao beans into minimally processed chocolate with bold texture and flavor and it is unlike anything you have ever tried before.

Their story started when Taza’s founder – Alex Whitmore took his bite of stone ground chocolate while traveling in Mexico. He was inspired by the intensity that he decided to establish a chocolate factory back home. Alex learned how to hand-carve granite stones to make a new kind of chocolate that is crafted but seriously good. In 2005, Taza was officially launched.

Some of the products you must try are salted almond mexicano discs, vanilla chocolate mexicano discs, organic sea salt and almond chocolate bar, raspberry crunch, cacao crunch, 95% wicked dark with toasted coconut, and 95% wicked dark with ginger.

Theo Chocolate

As a brand rooted in cocoa, Theo Chocolate’s mission is to help create a compassionate, beautiful, and enduring world by responsibly making delicious products for everyone. One of the things we like about this company is that they are beyond passionate about chocolate and making the world a better place at the same time.

Theo can be part of your special event and celebration like wedding, engagement, birthday party or corporate event.

You must try salted almond, orange, pure 70%, black rice quinoa crunch, grapefruit ginger, double chocolate peanut butter cup, salted almond peanut butter cups, and coconut bites salted almond.


Since 2005, UliMana has delicious, handcrafted chocolate with nutritional benefits. Their chocolates come in many flavors and are the perfect treat to satisfy the cravings for something sweet that tastes great and gives you a lot of energy at the same time.

Forbes Magazine named this company as one of the Five Best Chocolates You Have Ever Tasted. One of their best products is the dark cacao truffle thanks to its dense richness and earthiness. It is flavored with agave and gives you a chocolate rush without too much sugar rush. The perfect choice for you!

Other vegan chocolates you can try are salty nut truffle, espresso truffle, coconut truffle, and dark cacao truffle.

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own’s chocolates are made from carefully chosen cocoa beans and other ingredients which results in a smooth and creamy texture and rich flavors. The company has made a commitment to pay a premium above the current market price for 100% Certified Organic Cocoa Beans.

You must try the organic dark chocolate bar (54% cacao), organic orange dark chocolate bar, and organic espresso dark chocolate bar.

Ready to try some of the best vegan chocolates these top best vegan companies have to offer? We know we are!

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