If you want your online store to have a powerful presence on social media, Facebook is one of the first and best social media platforms you can think of.

Did you know that more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook every day? We are certain that your potential customers are already on Facebook and using the platform to connect with their friends, family, and their favorite online stores and brands.

When running an ecommerce site, you can use the Facebook platform for marketing your business.

In this article, we will discuss Facebook marketing and present to you the best apps you can use to grow your brand.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Having your own Facebook page is similar to having a website. Your page is a place where potential customers can find your brand online, connect with you, and learn more about the products you sell.

Creating a Facebook page is pretty simple. Facebook has simplified the process to make it simpler for business owners to set up their own Facebook page.

To get started, click the drop-down icon and select “Create Page”. Fill out all necessary information about your business, add photos, add descriptions, location, info, customize the page sections, publish a few posts, and add collaborations (if you work in a team).

All businesses can create a Facebook shop where they can sell products directly through the platform. If you are a store owner, Shopify allows you to create a Facebook store that is synced with your ecommerce site. You will be able to sell products directly on Facebook. The inventory, sales, orders, and prices are updated automatically on Facebook where they are updated on Shopify.

The best app to use for this purpose is Shopify’s Facebook app. The app is free to download and requires a minimum Shopify package (Shopify Lite package which costs $9 per month).

Connect your Facebook page to Shopify, install the app, and set up your Facebook shop. That’s it. You are ready to sell.

Facebook Marketing Apps: Improve Your Marketing and Grow Your Sales

We all want to take the best out of Facebook marketing campaigns, however, there are many obstacles that stand in the way. Some are having troubles identifying what changes need to be made to get more visibility for Facebook posts. Others know exactly what to do, but don’t have the necessary resources to complete that.

You have nothing to worry about. Now that you’ve created your Facebook page, there are a lot of great Facebook marketing applications out there to relieve you from the stress.

Here are 5 great and super effective apps that will help you market your online store on Facebook for free.


When present on social media, it is important to post interesting and relevant content. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get out and look for the cool stuff.

Not anymore. You can now outsource the share-worthy content thanks to DrumUp. This tool provides you with engaging stories that are perfect for your target group, ranks them, and then shares them on your social media accounts.

All you have to do is add relevant keywords. The tool will search the web for articles and stories related to these keywords. If you see a story that you like, click and DrumUp will immediately add it to your feed. You can even choose time and date when you want the post to be shared.

  1. Facebook Power Edition

Facebook has personally designed this free tool for all those who are having troubles managing multiple ads and campaigns. If you are an advertiser or ecommerce website owner and you are frustrated with the limitations of Facebook Ads Interface, this is the perfect solution for you.

Facebook Power Editor helps you build and duplicate ad sets and campaigns. The tool also allows you to edit ads, making it super easy to adjust details like placement targeting, variations, and conversion tracking.

  1. Likealyzer

LikeAlyzer is a tool that provides an assessment of the performance of your Facebook page. Unlike other tools, LikeAlyzer doesn’t require your personal information to complete the assessment.

All you need to do is plug in your store URL and it will be generated in a matter of seconds. The detailed report provides details regarding what is and isn’t working for your Facebook page.

You will receive recommendations on how you can maximize engagement with your brand. These recommendations could make a huge impact on your store’s performance.

  1. Headline Analyzer

One post’s headline can make or break your performance. You don’t have to worry about headlines anymore because Headline Analyzer is here to make things easier for you.

This tool creates compelling, eye-catching headlines for articles, blog posts, and Facebook shares.

We all know how challenging is to predict exactly what headlines will work best for your potential customers. Headline Analyzer solves this problem as well.

Plug the headline into this tool and it will provide you with an overall score accompanied with detailed research of its character count, structure, and previews ow what it would look like in an ad copy.

This tool teaches you everything you need to know about unique headlines and how to use them in your advantage.

  1. Timeline Contest Manager

Contests are excellent for promoting engagement with your Facebook page, however, organizing them can be a nightmare.

This app, Timeline Contest Manager simplifies the process for you. It allows you to launch contests on your timeline (from quizzes to photo contests).

Choose an existing post that reveals the contest you want to promote. Select the type of contest you want to run and the app will scan the post to help you select the winners.


Facebook is offering its own marketing apps and tools, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t use third-party apps such as those listed above.

These 5 apps contain a wealth of marketing opportunities that can help you increase your customer engagement and grow your sales.

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