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Whether you are interested in vegan alternatives to dairy products, meat, and desserts, there is something delicious for you. There are so many vegan brands that have impressed both vegans and non-vegans and many of us already have our go-to list in terms of best vegan companies.

Although the existence of plant-based products may not be anything new, there are many developments in this area that are taking the world by storm. Enough about the trends.

Let’s talk about the companies that are changing the food industry.

Below is a list of the most innovative vegan companies dedicated to creating animal-free products.

#1: New Wave Foods

New Wave Foods is a start-up dedicated to producing sustainable seafood with plant-based protein powder and red algae.

The process includes cutting off the proteins found in algae that the shrimps eat. The proteins are mixed with various protein gels to form a slice of meat.

These shrimps are served at the Google cafeteria.

#2: Beyond Meat

While Beyond Meat sells different plant-based meat alternatives, their popular burger or the Beyond Burger is known to be the best plant-based burger and this is the best part – it cooks, looks, and tastes like a beef burger.

What is even more impressive is that it is sold alongside beef in grocery stores. Their secret is that they use peas as their main protein source and get its juiciness from a blend of canola, coconut, and sunflower oils.

It has no soy or gluten, no GMOs, and has 20g of plant-based protein.

#3: BiotaGelata

Vegan desserts like gelato and ice cream are many from different types of ingredients including almonds, coconuts, rice, soy, and cashews.

A group of Canadian students from the University of Alberta decided to create something that was nutrient and protein-rich, with fewer calories than the ordinary gelato.

Can you guess what was their key ingredient?


The students used fermented beans that are mixed in the gelato machine along with the other ingredients. The end product comes in passion fruit, maple walnut, and dark chocolate cassis. Although the product is still in the prototype phase, BiotaGelata’s team hopes to make their delicious gelato available soon.

#4: Memphis Meats

According to Uma Valeti, the co-founder of the company, Memphis Meats is much more than a cultured meatball. Their meat is the future of meat.

Their secret is isolating small amounts of animal cells that can regenerate and providing them with nutrients and oxygen, with special fetal bovine serum used to stimulate the entire process. The cells can be used anywhere between 9-21 days. The process uses 90% less land and water and 50% less energy compared to traditional techniques.

Memphis Meats’s goal is to release its products by 2020.

#5: The Not Company

The Not Company or NotCo is one of the best vegan food companies. They refer to their secret weapon as Guiseppe. Giuseppe is an artificial intelligence model that uses the latest machine learning techniques to understand food at another level.

Featured on the BBC, NotCo uses unparalleled technology and the smartest scientists in the food industry to replicate the texture, taste, and smell of animal-based products by imitating their molecular structure.

The startup has created vegan cheeses, milk, yogurts, pates, condiments, mousses, and Nutella chocolate spread. Impressive, right?

#6: Geltor

If you love candy but you are not a fan of gelatin, we have good news for you!

Geltor or formerly known as Gelzen Inc. is a company working on inventing a vegan version of gelatin to use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

What’s impressive is that the company makes its gelatin from scratch by programming microbes to create it for the. This is the exact same process people use to make insulin, brew beer, and many other animal-free products.

Geltor is working on making sure the cost of their products is at a competitive level with gelatin as we know it. According to Geltor’s team, their product are going to be available within the next three years.

#7: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods created the famous burger that convinced Chef David Chang that the future is vegan.

The burger is backed by many powerful investors, including Bill Gates. It is created to have the same bloodiness and juiciness and texture of beef. It also has coconut oil to simulate beef fat, as well as, potato proteins which simulate a crust when eaten.

Impossible Foods are well known because they use heme from yeast.

I guess Chef David Chang was right – it is time to change the whole game.

#8: Ripple Foods

When you think of milk, you surely don’t think it includes the word peas, right?

At Ripple Foods, pears are the main ingredient for their nutrient-rich plant-based milk.

They isolate pea protein from other components in order to keep the neutral taste which results in the original milk having no sugar, 8g of protein, 50% more calcium than milk, vitamin D, iron, and 32mg of omega-3s.

There are different flavors including original, vanilla, chocolate, and original unsweetened. Ripple Foods is planning to launch pea-based cheeses, yogurts, creamers, and protein shakes & powders.

While this is our shortlist, there are many more successful vegan companies and products to be excited about.

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