The number of people calling themselves vegan grows every day. Sales of plant-based foods grew 17% while overall food sales in the US only 2% according to the Good Food Institute.

Whether for environmental reasons, animal welfare or to solve world hunger, more Americans are turning to a plant-based, meat-free diet.

The demand for vegan brands and products are exploding. It is no surprise that smart entrepreneurs and marketers are riding the wave.

So what strategies can you use to reach this market and expand your vegan brand? Here are some of the most effective strategies for marketing vegan products.

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we refer to local search listing and vegan category page. For local businesses such as a vegan store, restaurant or bar, a high Google Maps ranking is the best thing you can do to attract attention to your business.

If you are running a local vegan business, there is no better position in the Search Engine Results page than at the top. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having a high ranking not only adds credibility but also drives awareness traffic and more sales. It is pretty simple and free marketing effort.

Having a Vegan Category Page is also important. Even if you are not 100% vegan, you can make it easy for vegans to purchase your products by creating a page of your vegan alternatives. Make sure to use the basic SEO practices such as URL naming, meta title, meta description, on-page test, H1/H2 title tags, etc. including the keyword “vegan”.

For example, your page would be something like Vegan Italian Food Menu. Start by finding the right keywords.

2. Google Ads for Vegan Searches
With Google Ads, you can capture searches for your vegan products or services. Build your keyword list using a tool like KWFinder, write ads that attract the right audience, and point to a relevant landing page.

Make sure you have conversion tracking and analytics in place to report and improve performance.

3. Retargeting with Google Display Network
Re-engage, nurture, and retain customers with Google Display Network remarketing ads. Place the ads pixel on your website, ask your team to come up with vegan-specific ads, and point traffic back to your vegan page or use specific dynamic ads to bring them back to the products they wanted to purchase but suddenly abandoned the shopping cart.

Facebook Ads offers great retargeting solutions. Make sure to explore all options.

4. Facebook & Instagram Ads Targeting a Vegan Audience
One of the best ways to marketing vegan products is through social media and we all know that two of the most popular social media networks are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are incredibly effective ways of reaching vegan customers. Start by creating an ad audience comprised of vegans, vegan interest, and people following vegan content. Create an ad message that puts the focus on your vegan offering and points to your landing page.

Both networks have great targeting options, explore everything, discuss with your team and pick the best marketing option for promoting your vegan products.

If your vegan products are more suitable for a younger audience, use Instagram as it is the best social media platform for millennials. Come up with creative ads that will instantly attract Instagram users’ attention.


5. Pinterest Ads Targeting Vegan Topics and Posts
Another great way to marketing vegan products online is through Pinterest. Users on Pinterest are shoppers, more so than any other website in my experience. Design, food, and fashion are some of the most popular topics so there is loads of content related to veganism already.

Pinterest ads are less competitive than other ads (Facebook or Instagram ads), yielding lower CPCs. I recommend creating an ad targeting vegan posts so you can get in front of potential customers as they are browsing.

Also, it is recommendable to create a vegan-specific pin so you can promote your products. Having a pin leads to a high conversion landing page promoting your products.

6. Product Reviews with Vegan Influencers
There are thousands of vegan influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. They are talking about vegan products, trying vegan products, and recommending the best products for vegans every single day.

You can send your product to a vegan influencer and get an authentic review that puts your name brand and product in front of a target based on vegan enthusiasts.

One place to find and connect with vegan influencers to get started is NinjaOutreach. To scale the program, you can create a landing page where vegan influencers can ask for a free review sample. Message your influencer list and point them to your page.

How to market vegan products – the same question asked by vegan business owners and marketers who are looking for the best ways to promote their products and their brand. If you are one of them, we hope this article will give you some ideas to use to grow your sales.

Have you tried any of these strategies? Do you have other effective ideas we can all use to market vegan products online and skyrocket the business sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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